Speaking Topics

Raising Conscious Boys in an Unconscious World

How do we raise 'good guys' in a world where 1:6 women are a victim of rape? Learn how to speak with our boys about keeping themselves and others safe, and how psychology and socialization get in our way a bit. Walk away with concrete skills on how and when to speak to our guys based on their development. 

Managing Anxiety in Our Kids and Ourselves

Learn concrete stress management skills for parents and children alike. The basics of attachment, CBT, and mindfulness will be taught. You will walk away with tools to help you manage the high stress moments at home. 

Know Your Parental Parts:
Things to Consider About Your Own Psychology As Parent

Parents are not perfect people. Understanding your own history and hot spots help you parent from a healthier, child-focused place. Learn basic psychotherapy skills that allow you to understand yourself better as a parent and a person.  

Hypnosis for the Home

No, it's not stage hypnosis or some magic trick - self-hypnosis is a way to quiet the body and mind and is very useful for parents and kids alike. Learn what clinical hypnosis is and take home skills everyone in the family can use. 


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  Feminist Boys are Our Future Men    and     Raising Conscious Boys in an Unconscious World    April 21, 2018        TEDx Dartmouth     Hanover, NH   April 29, 2018      TEDx WPI     Worcester, MA   May 3, 2018            TEDx Wolfeboro     Wolfeboro, NH

Feminist Boys are Our Future Men


Raising Conscious Boys in an Unconscious World

April 21, 2018     TEDx Dartmouth   Hanover, NH

April 29, 2018     TEDx WPI   Worcester, MA

May 3, 2018         TEDx Wolfeboro   Wolfeboro, NH


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Are you a parent of a young kid and feeling like you are ‘doing it wrong’? Is your child anxious, irritable, worried, or having frequent meltdowns? Do you find yourself yelling or responding in a way you don’t like?

Come spruce up your parenting, add concrete Behavioral Medicine Skills to your toolbox, understand yourself as a parent more deeply, and find support from parents willing to talk about the things that are hard to share.


Who: Parents of Young Kids

What: Support group lead by a Clinical Psychologist/Parenting Expert with a focus on managing stress and anxiety in the home with the goal of raising happy, well-adjusted kids.  Skills-based program and emotional support. 

Where: Boston Behavioral Medicine, Dr. Bobbi Wegner’s Office, 1371 Beacon Street, Suite 305, Brookline (Coolidge Corner)

When: Tuesdays 10-11:30am, 6 weeks, $350 for program. Begins March 6th, 2018. 

Contact: Dr. Bobbi Wegner, a Harvard Lecturer on Child Advocacy and Behavioral Medicine Specialist. wegnerbbm@gmail.com or 617.980.1412