On-Going: Biweekly Column in The Milton Times called Raising & Roasting: The Psychology & Food of Modern Day Parenthood (which can also be read on the blog)

January 14 2017: The Case for Choosing Downtime Over Organized Sports (Scary Mommy) http://bit.ly/2itl5QO

January 12 2017: Added to www.parenttoolkit.com (produced by NBC News Education Nation) as an 'Expert' http://bit.ly/2jdfuC0

January 4 2017: 7 Ways to Meet People If You Are Detoxing From Your Dating Apps This Month (Bustle)  http://bit.ly/2hTRBLv   

December 2016: Access to Mental Health http://bit.ly/2ib24Cy

November 2016: Brothers and Sisters, Let's Potty Train! https://www.pull-ups.com/en-us/potty-training/tips/brothers-and-sisters-lets-potty-train

November 2016: I JOINED LISA EKUS LITERARY GROUP WITH SALLY EKUS AS MY AGENT http://lisaekus.com/people/bobbi-wegner/

November 10 2016: How to Survive Traveling with an Infant (Mamapedia.com) http://bit.ly/2fSiAaW

November 4 2016: How to Teach Your Children That The World Doesn't Revolve Around Them (The Boston Globe) http://bit.ly/2fplPFg

October 24 2016: 7 Signs You Tricked Yourself Into Thinking You Found The One (Bustle Magazine)  http://bit.ly/2fabaQp

October 8 2016: Payment Headaches Hinder Progress On Mental Health Access (Modern Healthcare)  http://bit.ly/2d2CDQO

September 28 2016: 11 Signs Your Partner is a Match for the Long Haul (Business Insiderhttp://read.bi/2j9YxX2

September 23 2016: 14 Biggest Triggers That Arise in Relationships - And How To Deal With Them (Bustle Magazinehttp://bit.ly/2ct0U2p

September 21 2016: How to Know If You Are a Good Person (Psychology Todayhttp://bit.ly/2cUU4TX

September 2016: Which is Better: Below Average/Great College, Above Average/Okay College? http://bit.ly/2cuPgda

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September 16 2016: 15 Common Causes of Anxiety In Relationships (Bustle Magazine)  http://bit.ly/2cVHDvL

September 16 2016: How To Deal With Your Partner's Bad Moods, According To 11 Experts (Bustle Magazine)  http://bit.ly/2cyn71L

September 13 2016: 15 Reasons Couples Get Into Arguments Late At Night (Bustle Magazine) http://bit.ly/2cJpRsG

September 7 2016: What Should You Do If Your Partner Is Pulling Away? 15 Ways To Deal When They Feel Distant (Bustle Magazine) http://bit.ly/2ca1MJq

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September 1 2016: How Couples Can Help Each Other To Get Enough Sleep (Bustle Magazine)  http://bit.ly/2bPJbSC

September 1 2016: 16 Conversation Starters When You Meet Someone New At A Party (Bustle Magazine)  http://bit.ly/2ckSezv

August 30 2016: When Should You Never Break Up With Someone? 13 Experts Weigh In (Bustle Magazine)  http://bit.ly/2cbMhos

August 25 2016: The Best Way To Start The Day With Your Partner, According To The Experts (Bustle Magazine)  http://bit.ly/2blS1Ku

August 25 2016: The Sex Talk You Can't Skip (MomZette)  http://bit.ly/2bIXjAX

August 22 2016: Interior Redesign: 10 Ways to Rearrange Your Room To Maximize Sleep (Everup) http://bit.ly/2bdc9jz

June 28 2016 : Uphill Both Ways In The Snow (Creators) http://bit.ly/2bfuDRM

July 22 2016: The ONE Thing You Should Do With Your Partner Every Night, According to the Experts (Bustle Magazine)  http://bit.ly/2aJWMQR

June 21, 2016:  What Does Sliding Scale Mean for Mental Health Practice Profits? (Software Advice) http://bit.ly/28LpNEE

June 9, 2016: Doctor Entrepreneurship Podcast Series: Meet Dr. Bobbi Wegner (Klara)   http://blog.klara.com/podcast-series-meet-dr-bobbi-wegner/

June 2016: Clients in the News (www.lisatener.com) http://bit.ly/2b7Uich

April 13, 2016: How Meditation Can Help Your Career (Everup)  http://bit.ly/1V18hSO