Dr. Bobbi Wegner is a MA and NY licensed clinical psychologist with expertise in health psychology and behavioral medicine. She explores how biological, psychological, and social factors contribute to one's functioning, identifies as an integrative therapist, and pulls from many different evidence-based philosophies to understand each individual's unique needs. Main areas of focus include behavioral medicine, clinical hypnosis, biofeedback,  mindfulness-based stress management, pregnancy/postpartum adjustment, and mindful parenting.  Aside from her clinical training, much of her real life experience comes from raising three loving and rambunctious children of her own.  

Dr. Wegner received her doctorate from William James College. She also completed an APA-Internship at Mount Sinai School of Medicine (in Rehabilitation Medicine and Neuropsychology) in New York City, followed by a post-doctoral fellowship at Boston Behavioral Medicine in Brookline, MA, where she currently works as a core staff member (www.bostonbmed.com). She teaches and supervises advanced psychology interns and post-doctoral fellows at Boston Behavioral Medicine, and is an Adjunct Lecturer at Harvard Graduate School of Education. She joined NBC News Education Nation's website as an Expert Contributor (http://bit.ly/2jdfuC0) and Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global as a writer (http://bit.ly/2kSQbpd). Dr. Wegner writes a regular column in The Milton Times called Raising & Roasting: The Food and Psychology of Modern Day Parenthood, hosts a podcast under the same name, blogs regularly, and is working on a book. She is represented by Sally Ekus at The Lisa Ekus Literary Group.