Clinical Psychologist. Behavioral Medicine Specialist. Teacher. Speaker. Parent. Person.

Official line

Dr. Wegner is a Clinical Health Psychologist who, over the past ten years, has focused on the impact of stress on kids, parents, and families….which lead her to TREAT, TEACH, WRITE, and SPEAK on these issues. She treats individuals and families at Boston Behavioral Medicine and teaches at Harvard Graduate School of Education in Human Development and Psychology. She is also a Clinical Supervisor and Teacher in Boston Behavioral Medicine’s Psychology Training Program. Dr. Wegner regularly write on these issues – blogging for Psychology Today (Perfectly Imperfect Parenting: Psychologically Sensitive Approaches to Raising Independent and Emotionally Durable Kids), writing for Thrive Global, acting as an ‘Expert’ on NBC News’ Parenting website, and often publishing on large mainstream sites including Scary Mommy, Mind Body Green, The Boston Globe, NBC News' Education Nation, The Milton Times, , Psychology Today, Thrive Global, Parents Magazine, Parent Co., and Mamapedia, to name a few. And, she speaks to schools and organizations about the importance of managing stress and anxiety, how to shift the culture in which we parent, and what that actually means for parents and kids at home.

The bottom line

Stressed parents raise stressed kids. Stressed kids create a stressed culture. A stressed culture stresses everyone, serving nobody. Let’s refocus on how we contribute to the culture of increasing stress and anxiety, and shift the way we parent to: 1) make it more enjoyable for everyone, and 2) raise healthier, independent, and emotionally durable kids ready to face the world.